At ease with technology

Living in a world surrounded by exponentially evolving technologies seems to frighten some people. It’s embedded in our human nature to be skeptical towards the unfamiliar, to be reserved when facing the unknown.

What many fail to realize is that the freedom we hold today will not be replaced by technological restrictions. It simply will be replaced by new, perhaps even more personal, forms of freedom enabled by technological improvements. 

When walking towards the office this morning, almost getting hit by an angry Italian driver every 5 minutes, I wondered how that moment could look like within the near future…

I would still be walking, but instead of hearing an orchestra of horns, I am hearing a silent buzz. Around me, an automated fleet of electrically powered vehicles is quietly moving around. These driverless pods are transporting the former agitated Italians who are still located in their safe individual cocoons. 

Instead of driving, the Italians are focussing on other things in life, which apparently has brought them at ease. Since the orchestra has left the city, there suddenly is room for my own thoughts. 

Besides my mind, my physical space feels liberated too. Due to driverless technology my freedom of movement is no longer restricted to the sidewalk. Alternatively, multiple forms of transportation are sharing the same physical space. Instead of competing with each other, transportation methods will start completing each other.

Ultimately, my personal safety is no longer a concern since I will become recognized as part of a fluent mobile interplay without physical boundaries. 

…While I’m still walking, future technology has given me personal freedom in an indirect way. It has brought me physical and mental liberation without my personal contribution.

Even tough the future will be an endless web of technological connections, getting entangled in there simply shouldn't be a concern.

(Frederik Deschuytter)