Stop teleportation!

Innovation in mobility is driven merely by quantifiable parameters of efficiency. Why don’t we rely more on parameters of efficacy instead? It would make mobility less machine-like and more human.


What for centuries has been a fictional delusion in sci-fi storytelling threatens to become reality. Transfer of matter from one point to another without traversing the physical space, commonly known as TELEPORTATION, is the biggest threat human kind has faced since global warming. 
Besides physical injuries, the emotional shortcomings of this transportation method should not be underestimated. Traveling without traversing the physical space takes out every sensory experience the tangible world has to offer. It reduces the art and joy of traveling to a superficial experience consisting of no more than pushing a button. 
A way of traveling solely based on measurable parameters and scientific justifications simply removes the emotion from motion.

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(Frederik Deschuytter, Rocco Carrieri, Wouter Haspeslagh)