MMKM was born out of perceived necessities of automotive designers (object) and spatial planners (environment) to focus not on the bare object, nor on its bare environment; but on both’s mutual relationship and combined impact on human interrelations and experiences.



As a result, MMKM is not about designing vehicles. It is about understanding and designing a meaningful mobility culture that raises the quality of our society and our daily encounters. This culture consistently comprises 3 elements: user, object and environment.



MMKM operates as a platform that hosts sensible and thoughtful collaborations between experts in a wide variety of fields. Together, we create concrete holistic projects, writings, publications, lectures, concepts and ideas as fragments that distinctively contribute to our mutual goal.



To have enough common ground for a fruitful collaboration, it is crucial that all contributors at least share the same goal (see above). If you are triggered to jointly create another piece of the mobility puzzle that shines a new light on MMKM's objective, you are more than welcome to contact us here!


MMKM so far has cooperated with these collaborators: